Sell Your Own Home with The Ryan Godshall Team

The idea of selling your house can be a crazy idea to think about. Regardless if you're moving away for work or just looking to upgrade into a nicer home, there are many reasons you may find yourself in a position to sell your home. When the time comes, it is important for homeowners to ask ‘what’s my house worth?’ and seek out professional help from a licensed real estate agent.

We here at The Ryan Godshall Team can help give homeowners the guidance they need to see their own home. The amount of questions homeowners may have once they decide to sell their home can be quite overwhelming. Luckily, our team of real estate agents has been able to help homeowners sell their own home and help first time home buyers find their dream home for years. We strive to make selling your house as stress-free as possible.


Based out of Ambler, PA, The Ryan Godshall Team has been able to offer home buying programs for the following areas:

     Blue Bell


     North Wales

     Montgomery County, PA

     And many other areas in Pennsylvania


Advice For Anyone Selling Your House

No one knows your own home like you do. Because of this, there is no one better to sell your house than you! We here at The Ryan Godshall Team can help with the listing and paperwork while you focus on making your home appealing and desirable to potential buyers. Some tips to keep in mind when showing off your home include:


Show Off Storage

Having a place to store belongings is one of the most important parts of the home. You can never have too much storage in your home. To help show this, empty out half of your closets, drawers and pantries. Leaving just a few things in your storage area will help make the storage area seem bigger than it really is.


Let There Be Light

Natural light is another important factor that homeowners may overlook. We recommend taking down the drapes and during curtains, cleaning the windows and trimming any of the bushes or trees near your windows. A home with a lot of light is much easier to sell than a dark home.


Have A Dependable Agent Help You

Hey, that’s us! This is where we come in. Having the assistance of a reputable and licensed real estate agent will help make sure your house is valued accurately and comparable to neighboring houses.


Turn Your Home Into Your House

This may not make much sense at first, but we encourage all of our clients to turn their home into a house. This means taking down a lot of personal pictures and belongings that make your house your home. Potential buyers are going to want to imagine your house as their home, not be annoyed by how many people soccer pictures you have of your six-year-old. There are even home staging companies that can help make your house stand out.


Reach Out Today!

If you live in the Blue Bell, Lansdale, North Wales and Montgomery County area and looking to sell your house, don't do it alone, we here at The Ryan Godshall Team can help with every step of the process. Give us a call today to get started!

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