Do you have questions about what it takes to get your home ready for the market, find a qualified buyer, go under contract, and make it to closing?  Do you feel you can complete these steps or do you feel you would like a professional realtor to assist you? The Ryan Godshall Team is happy to discuss each and every step with you, answer all your questions and put your mind at ease to reach your goals of selling your home. 

  1. Get Your Mortgage Loan Payoff Amount
  2. Talk with an Experienced Realtor®
  3. Get an Estimate of Value and Costs
  4. Complete Pre-Listing Paperwork
  5. Determine Your Asking Price
  6. Budget for Pre-Listing Prep
  7. Determine Your Listing Timeline
  8. Pre-Pack and Organize
  9. Make Minor Repairs
  10. Get Estimates for Known Major Repairs
  11. Clean Your Home
  12. Home Staging
  13. Prep for Listing Photos
  14. Property Description
  15. Prepare for Showings
  16. Assess Asking Price
  17. Assess Offers
  18. Negotiate with a Buyer and Sign Agreement of Sale
  19. Prepare for Home Inspections
  20. Negotiate Inspection Issues
  21. Order Conveyancing and Payoffs
  22. Prepare for the Appraisal
  23. Arrange for Your Move
  24. Prep for Buyer’s Final Walkthrough
  25. Settlement